Week 4 – 4.29.18 – 5.5.18


*The schedule I post on a weekly basis is what I originally planned to do last week.

Two things this week: Missed a few sessions, and too ambitious.

I missed a few sessions here and there because of pole dancing timing. As discussed in my previous post, I could not plan my classes in advance. You can only book classes four days in advance and even then, some classes are not always available. Also, the classes are constantly late evenings, but not late enough for me to have a workout beforehand. Just an odd in-between, even location-wise. I decided to just not use the remaining credits or use it on rest days. I know it sounds privileged but if I’m going and not enjoying it, is it really worth spending time on it? It could be used towards training and building a routine. That to me is the biggest waste. Time is finite.

Second, I started out too ambitious with too much planned volume. Have to taper into high volume training or else you will experience fatigue and loss of motivation. Feel like a failure when I didn’t finish a workout and skipped a day. Will go for another round of Week 4’s schedule with slight adjustments.


Even when I increased the training volume slightly, I get pangs of hunger frequently. This week, I really loaded in on the snacks and volume in my lunch. It did not feel comfortable at all, especially when sitting in the office. The bloat was real.


It got me curious as to how much I was actually eating in a day and how much it was attributed to snacks. My worst day was shy of 3,000 calories. THREE. THOUSAND. Half came from grazing on snack. I appreciate the insight that MyFitnessPal gave me, going to try using it on a day-to-day basis.

Week 3 – 4.22.18 – 4.28.18


I realized because of my line of work, having the exact same schedule week over week proves to be next to impossible. Here is my new approach. Rather than focusing on the date on which I need to do the exercise, I should focus on how many times I should focus on X discipline. So, each week, I will plan ahead of time of when I will swim/cycle/run, with other events in mind.

Swim x 3
Cycling – 60 mins x 3
Walk & Run x 2
Resistance training – Upper body x 2
Resistance training – Lower body x 2

Side note: I can’t wait for the my pole dancing credits to run out, I don’t like the fact I have to book ahead of time individual classes instead of just have them booked in for me for a set number of weeks. So, classes are never consistent. This has contributed to my constantly changing routine.

This week was honestly a hodge-podge of activities and I desperately tried to fit in what I could in the meantime. Another training time that I should try to maximize is lunch hour. It’s hard to pull yourself away from the desk, because there is a fear that something will explode while you’re away or you appear unproductive.


I have a problem with sugar and snacking a lot. Whenever I put a restriction on myself, I find that it makes me even more prone to go against it.

Been trying to find healthier alternatives and go for water instead of snacking. Often times, it is because I just want to munch on something or stressed.

Week 1 – April 8th – 14th

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AM Cross traing – Erg + Core (1hour) Weights –Upper Muscular Endurance Rest Rest
PM Weights – Upper Muscular Endurance Cycling – 60 mins Weights + Plyo (Lower Muscular Endurance) Swimming Swimming


  • Rehabilitation and build foundation
  • Honestly I have no idea what I am doing or even know where to start.
  • This is what my week looks like and I’m trying it out


Legs – Endurance and foundations

Resistance training:

Back Squats: 8×4
Hex Deadlifts: 8×4
Leg Press: 15×4
Lunges: 4 rounds
Calf Raises: 20×4
Leg Curls: 12×4
Leg Extensions: 12×4

PLYO circuit x 5
Leg-ups – 12 steps, each side
Sled push
Farmer’s walk
2 min rest


Been using a Kaiser spin bike, but whenever I bike, I have knee pain during the session. Tried to adjust the seat here and there, while fixing the biomechanics of cycling, but still no Bueno. Thinking of asking the bike shop about what might be happening when I go window shopping this weekend. What I’ve been using as ‘training’ resources are GDN cycling videos on Youtube. It is incredibly annoying when commercials come on every 10 mins. Talk about a mood killer.


1. Workout A


2x200M Freestyle, 1 min rest
8x50M medley, 25m drill/ 25m swim, 15 sec rest after 50m

Main set

8x100M Free, 30 secs rest after 100m


Speed set

4x25M, 15M max, 10M easy, 15 sec rest between 50M
1 – 2 Free, 3 – 4 Breast


100M choice

TOTAL: 1,600M

2. Workout B


400M, 100M Free, 100M Choice

Kick set

3x50M, Speed up to max pace
30 secs rest between each 50M

Main set

5x200M, 40 secs rest between each
1,3,5 Swim
2,4 Pull buoy


1x50M choice

TOTAL: 1,600M


It was a bad start. My co-worker brought my weakness to work, pastries, for two straight days. Then, she proceeded to put it on the shelf in front of my desk. I think the next time this happens, I need to reflect on how seriously I am taking this journey. Something more actionable would be simply to move away from my desk. Been really trying to incorporate a healthy breakfast to kick start the day, oatmeal and banana is my new favourite.